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Decoding Study Permit Dilemma Amidst the Attestation Letter Requirement

Recent amendments to Canada’s IRCC study permit policies have loomed a cloud of uncertainty over international students, prompting the burning question: “Should study permit applications wait until March 31st ?” Presently, clarity around this question is lacking.

The application timeline hinges on the actions of Canada’s provinces and territories tasked with crafting a process for issuing attestation letters to international students. Establishing this framework before March 31st could potentially advance student permit applications.

  1. Evolving Landscape: Ongoing policy alterations may lead to further adjustments.
  2. Proactive Measures: The acceleration of the attestation letter system implementation is the gateway to the early application timeline.
  1. Monitor Official Channels: Stay vigilant for announcements from IRCC and local authorities.
  2. Prepare Documentation: Ensure all documents are available and well organized for swift submission once a clear pathway is delineated.
  3. Consult Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs): Seek guidance from your educational institution regarding policy updates and application insights.

As March 31st approaches, staying well-prepared and informed is vital for successfully navigating the evolving study permit landscape. Count on EGI for ongoing support and invaluable advice throughout your academic journey in Canada.

Reference: IRCC Official Website