A cozy dwelling is the source of happiness


The choice of accommodation is essential for those far away from home internationally.

Our passionate student advisors will arrange a safe and appropriate dwelling for you to have an enjoyable experience while studying abroad.

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Some Accommodation Options for International Students

Hosting Family

Staying with a local family while studying abroad is an excellent option for improving your foreign languages and integrating into a new environment and culture, especially for those under 18.

Student Dormitory

There are two types of dormitories:  The on-campus dormitories are directly affiliated with your institution. There are also off-campus dormitories which students may rent from different institutions.

Rental Apartments

Many students share an apartment with their schoolmates because some institutions have limited on-campus dormitory space and rooms usually are reserved for first-year students.

Students over 18 years of age may choose to rent an off-campus apartment after they have lived aboard for some time and are familiar with the local area.