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Life can sometimes become very challenging for international students far away from their hometowns. Our student advisor team is always here to guide you through all the difficulties to independence and success.

Contact us for more details and an entire service plan for you.

Guardian Services

Minors (age below 18) who study in Canada must have a legal guardian.  EGI will screen and arrange a legal, stable, and suitable guardian for the student

Orientation Services

  • Arrange airport pick-up and drop-off ,and provide timely updates to parents
  • Assist students with school registration
  • Assist students with complicated bank account opening procedures
  • Assist with cell phone activation, monthly bus pass purchase, etc.


  • Help students understand the academic system
  • Provide guidance on studying, course selection, and credit transfer
  • Provide consultation on further education, school, or courses transfer
  • Assist with exam registration and extension request, etc.
  • Assist the students to communicate with professors and school administration
  • Help students resolve conflicts with classmates in group work
  • Assist in developing study plans and schedules

Academic Monitoring and Guidance

  • Regular communication with the students and parents ensures their academic performance
  • Provide academic tutoring or link with tutors as needed
  • Monitor students’ homework schedules
  • Arrange academic stress counseling
  • Provide post-graduation placement plans
  • Provide college, career, permanent resident, or immigration-related counseling service
  • Handle emergency situations

International Student Life Guidance

  • Act as a bridge between students, host families, schools, and parents
  • Assist to resolve problems between students and host families
  • Coordinate conflicts between students and roommates and liaise with dormitory supervisors
  • Arrange appointments and accompany students to medical facilities
  • Pay attention to the student’s mental health and arrange professional counseling if needed
  • Tax preparation assistance
  • Assist in transferring or moving to another school
  • Provide temporary postage service
  • Handle emergency situations

Services Available for the Parents

  • Provide invitation for visa application to students’ parents to visit the students in Canada
  • Assist parents with visa applications
  • Provide parents with airport pick-up and drop-off services
  • Arrange parents’ accommodation and itinerary
  • Provide Canadian investment, financial, and immigration consultation